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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CMSC100Bits and Bytes of Computer and Information Sciences
CMSC106Introduction to C Programming
CMSC122Introduction to Computer Programming via the Web
CMSC125Introduction to Computing
CMSC131Object-Oriented Programming I
CMSC132Object-Oriented Programming II
CMSC216Introduction to Computer Systems
CMSC250Discrete Structures
CMSC250HDiscrete Structures
CMSC298ASpecial Topics in Computer Science
CMSC320Introduction to Data Science
CMSC330Organization of Programming Languages
CMSC335Web Application Development with JavaScript
CMSC388JSpecial Topics in Computer Science; Building Secure Web Applications with Python and Flask
CMSC388USpecial Topics in Computer Science; Introduction to Ethical Hacking (Hack the Class)
CMSC388XSpecial Topics in Computer Science; Introduction to Programming Language Theory
CMSC389ESpecial Topics in Computer Science; Digital Logic Design through Minecraft
CMSC389FSpecial Topics in Computer Science; Reinforcement Learning
CMSC389GSpecial Topics in Computer Science; What to do After Landing a SWE Job
CMSC389OSpecial Topics in Computer Science; The Coding Interview
CMSC389PSpecial Topics in Computer Science; Mastering the PM Interview
CMSC389TSpecial Topics in Computer Science; Introduction to Git, Github and Project Management
CMSC395Teaching Techniques for Computer Science
CMSC411Computer Systems Architecture
CMSC412Operating Systems
CMSC414Computer and Network Security
CMSC417Computer Networks
CMSC420Advanced Data Structures
CMSC421Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CMSC422Introduction to Machine Learning
CMSC423Bioinformatic Algorithms, Databases, and Tools
CMSC424Database Design
CMSC425Game Programming
CMSC426Computer Vision
CMSC430Introduction to Compilers
CMSC433Programming Language Technologies and Paradigms
CMSC434Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
CMSC435Software Engineering
CMSC436Programming Handheld Systems
CMSC451Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
CMSC452Elementary Theory of Computation
CMSC454Algorithms for Data Science
CMSC457Introduction to Quantum Computing
CMSC460Computational Methods
CMSC466Introduction to Numerical Analysis I
CMSC470Introduction to Natural Language Processing
CMSC471Introduction to Data Visualization
CMSC475Combinatorics and Graph Theory
CMSC488BSpecial Topics in Computer Science; Advanced Functional Programming
CMSC498ASelected Topics in Computer Science
CMSC498FSelected Topics in Computer Science; Advances in XR
CMSC498QSelected Topics in Computer Science; Algorithms for Geospatial Computing
CMSC498TSelected Topics in Computer Science; Applied Mechanism Design for Social Good
CMSC498YSelected Topics in Computer Science; Statistical Inference and Machine Learning Methods for Genomics Data
CMSC499AIndependent Undergraduate Research
CMSC661Scientific Computing II
CMSC664Advanced Scientific Computing II
CMSC711Computer Networks
CMSC722Artificial Intelligence Planning
CMSC724Database Management Systems
CMSC725Geographical Information Systems and Spatial Databases
CMSC727Neural Modeling
CMSC733Computer Processing of Pictorial Information
CMSC752Ramsey Theory and its Applications
CMSC764Advanced Numerical Optimization
CMSC798Master's Non-Thesis Research
CMSC799Master's Thesis Research
CMSC800How to Conduct Great Research
CMSC818GAdvanced Topics in Computer Systems; Information-Centric Design of Systems
CMSC828IAdvanced Topics in Information Processing; Multilingual Natural Language Processing
CMSC828LAdvanced Topics in Information Processing; Deep Learning
CMSC828OAdvanced Topics in Information Processing; Computational and Mathematical Analysis for Networks Across Scales
CMSC838CAdvanced Topics in Programming Languages; Advances in XR
CMSC838EAdvanced Topics in Programming Languages; Compiler Construction
CMSC848QSelected Topics in Information Processing; How and Why Artificial Intelligence Answers Questions
CMSC858DAdvanced Topics in Theory of Computing; Algorithms, Data Structures and Inference for High-throughput Genomics
CMSC858FAdvanced Topics in Theory of Computing; Algorithmic Lower Bounds: Fun with Hardness Proofs
CMSC858QAdvanced Topics in Theory of Computing; Classical and Quantum Codes
CMSC898Pre-Candidacy Research
CMSC899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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