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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EDHD200Paradigms and Perspectives in Human Development
EDHD230Human Development and Societal Institutions
EDHD231Inside 21st Century Creativity: How Creative Ideas, Concepts, and Products are Generated
EDHD306Research Methods in Human Development
EDHD310Your Brain on Education: The Neuroscience of Learning and Development
EDHD320Human Development Through the Life Span
EDHD400Introduction to Gerontology
EDHD411Child Growth and Development
EDHD412Infant Development
EDHD489Field Experiences in Human Development
EDHD498Special Problems in Education
EDHD662Research Methods in Education Settings
EDHD720Social Development and Socialization Processes
EDHD798Laboratory in Human Development
EDHD799Master's Thesis Research
EDHD888Apprenticeship in Human Development Research
EDHD889Practicum in Human Development
EDHD898Pre-Candidacy Research
EDHD899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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