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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EDHI489Field Experiences in Education
EDHI498Special Problems in Education
EDHI606Political Economy of Education in a Global Context
EDHI607Culture and Education in a Global Context
EDHI653Organization and Administration of Higher Education
EDHI664The College Experience
EDHI679Master's Seminar
EDHI680Gender, Development, and Education
EDHI689Practicum In Educational Administration and Supervision
EDHI754Higher Education Finance
EDHI788OSpecial Topics in Education Policy and Administration; International Education Grant/Proposal Writing
EDHI789Doctoral Practicum in Administration and Supervision
EDHI798Special Problems in Education
EDHI799Master's Thesis Research
EDHI853Leadership in Higher Education
EDHI888Apprenticeship in Education
EDHI889Internship in Education
EDHI898Pre-Candidacy Research
EDHI899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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