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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENEE101Introduction to Electrical & Computer Engineering
ENEE140Introduction to Programming Concepts for Engineers
ENEE150Intermediate Programming Concepts for Engineers
ENEE200Technology and Consequences: Engineering, Ethics, and Humanity
ENEE205Electric Circuits
ENEE222Elements of Discrete Signal Analysis
ENEE244Digital Logic Design
ENEE245Digital Circuits and Systems Laboratory
ENEE303Analog and Digital Electronics
ENEE307Electronic Circuits Design Laboratory
ENEE313Introduction to Device Physics
ENEE313HIntroduction to Device Physics
ENEE322Signal and System Theory
ENEE324Engineering Probability
ENEE324HEngineering Probability
ENEE350Computer Organization
ENEE351Algorithms and Data Structures
ENEE380Electromagnetic Theory
ENEE381Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
ENEE381HElectromagnetic Wave Propagation
ENEE408ACapstone Design Project:Microprocessor-Based Design
ENEE408DCapstone Design Project: Mixed Signal VLSI Design
ENEE408GCapstone Design Project: Multimedia Signal Processing
ENEE408ICapstone Design Project: Autonomous Control of Interacting Robots
ENEE408MCapstone Design Project; Embedded Software Design
ENEE408TCapstone Design Project; Accelerator Physics - Building the Maryland 5 MeV Cyclotron
ENEE413Advanced Electronic Devices
ENEE425Digital Signal Processing
ENEE426Communication Networks
ENEE428Communications Design Laboratory
ENEE436Foundations of Machine Learning
ENEE439DTopics in Signal Processing; Design Experience in Machine Learning
ENEE445Computer Laboratory
ENEE446Digital Computer Design
ENEE447Operating Systems
ENEE459CTopics in Computer Engineering; Digital CMOS VLSI Design Methods
ENEE459DTopics in Computer Engineering; Advanced Laboratory of Digital Systems Using Systems Verilog
ENEE459VTopics in Computer Engineering; Embedded Systems
ENEE461Control Systems Laboratory
ENEE463Digital Control Systems
ENEE469OTopics in Controls; Introduction to Optimization
ENEE473Electrical Machines Laboratory
ENEE475Power Electronics
ENEE488Independent Study in Electrical and Computer Engineering
ENEE489LTopics in Electrophysics; Design of Active and Passive Microwave Devices
ENEE489QTopics in Electrophysics; Quantum Phenomena in Electrical Engineering
ENEE496Lasers and Electro-optic Devices
ENEE498KTopics in Electrical Engineering; Advanced Design Lab on Electric Cars
ENEE499Senior Projects in Electrical and Computer Engineering
ENEE601Semiconductor Devices and Technology
ENEE612Advanced Power Electronics
ENEE621Estimation and Detection Theory
ENEE627Information Theory
ENEE631Digital Image and Video Processing
ENEE632Speech and Audio Processing
ENEE640Digital CMOS VLSI Design
ENEE645Compilers and Optimization
ENEE661Nonlinear Control Systems
ENEE664Optimal Control
ENEE681Electromagnetic Waves and Applications
ENEE686Charged Particle Dynamics, Electron and Ion Beams
ENEE692Introduction to Photonics
ENEE698PGraduate Seminar; First Year Research Seminar
ENEE698QGraduate Seminar; Colloquium Series
ENEE699Independent Studies in Electrical Engineering
ENEE729CAdvanced Topics in Communication; Classical and Quantum Codes
ENEE759NAdvanced Topics in Computer Engineering
ENEE789BAdvanced Topics in Electrophysics; Complex Systems in Engineering
ENEE799Master's Thesis Research
ENEE898Pre-Candidacy Research
ENEE899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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