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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENGR1034First Year Hypatia Seminar
ENGR1054First Year Galileo Seminar
ENGR2004AEngr International Activity
ENGR2004EEngr Experiential Learning
ENGR2004REngr UG Exploratory Activity
ENGR2004SEngineering Service Learning
ENGR2044Second Year Hypatia Seminar
ENGR2064Galileo Seminar for Sophomores
ENGR2464Engr Fund for Scientists
ENGR2974Independent Study
ENGR2994Undergraduate Research
ENGR3124Green Engineering
ENGR3954Study Abroad
ENGR4064Scieneering Capstone
ENGR4134Env Life Cycle Assessment
ENGR4974Independent Study
ENGR5204Systems Engineering Projects

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