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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FIN2114Invest & Financial Literacy
FIN2164Survey of Finance and Careers
FIN3054Legal & Ethical Env of Bus
FIN3074Legal & Finance Entrepreneurs
FIN3104Introduction to Finance
FIN3114Python-Data Analytics, Finance
FIN3124Fin Planning for Professionals
FIN3134Financial Analytics
FIN3144Investments: Debt-Equity-Deriv
FIN3154Corporate Finance
FIN3174Finance Career Strategies
FIN3254Credit Risk Analysis
FIN4004Wills, Trusts, and Estates
FIN4014Cyberlaw and Policy
FIN4124Client Relationship Management
FIN4134Fin Planning Applications
FIN4144Int Fin Mgt
FIN4154Real Estate Finance
FIN4214Financial Modeling in Excel
FIN4224Fixed Income Securities
FIN4225Analytics Fixed Inc. Port Mgmt
FIN4226Analytics Fixed Inc. Port Mgmt
FIN4234Venture Cap & Inv Banking
FIN4244Asset Valuation & Governance
FIN4254Bank Mgt & Financial
FIN4255Credit Corps Lending Practicum
FIN4256Credit Corps Lending Practicum
FIN4264Managing Risk with Derivatives
FIN4274Equity Securities
FIN4275Analytics Equity Portfolio Mgt
FIN4276Analytics Equity Portfolio Mgt
FIN4314Field Projects in Finance
FIN5024Principles of Finance
FIN5654Principles of Financial Mgmt
FIN5974Independent Study
FIN6116Corporate Finance
FIN7994Research and Dissertation

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