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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FREC1004Digital Planet
FREC2004Forest Ecosystems
FREC2114Ecology of Appalachian Forests
FREC2124Forests, Society & Climate
FREC2214Intr Land & Field Measurements
FREC2254Arboriculture Field Skills
FREC2324Dendrology Laboratory
FREC2414Field Exp Forest Resources
FREC2554Leading Global Sustainability
FREC2614Human-Environment Systems
FREC2974Independent Study
FREC2994Undergraduate Research
FREC3044Environmental Data Science
FREC3104Prin of Watershed Hydrology
FREC3214Forest Biometrics
FREC3224Forest Biometrics Laboratory
FREC3324Silvi Princ Appl
FREC3364Environmental Silviculture
FREC3524Environmental Interpretation
FREC3544Outdoor Recreation Plan & Mgmt
FREC3724Forest Boundaries and Roads
FREC3734Forest Fiber Supply
FREC3954Study Abroad
FREC4044Env. Data Science Capstone
FREC4214Forest Photogrammetry
FREC4324Genetics of Nat & Mngd Popns
FREC4434Natural Resource Policy
FREC4444Integ Forest Mgt Practicum
FREC4454Urban and Community Forestry
FREC4464Water Resources Policy & Econ
FREC4554Creating the Ecological City
FREC4714Harvesting Systems Evaluation
FREC4784Wetland Hydro/Biogeochemistry
FREC4964Field Study
FREC4974Independent Study
FREC4994Undergraduate Research
FREC5004Graduate Seminar
FREC5034Ecosystem Dynamics
FREC5104Sem Remote Sensing & GIS
FREC5144Watershed Hydrology
FREC5154Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
FREC5244GAdvanced Hydroinformatics
FREC5454GAdv Urban Community Forestry
FREC5714GAdv Harvesting Systems Eval
FREC5784GAdv Wetland Hydro/Biogeochem
FREC5884Topics in For Res and Env Cons
FREC5894Final Examination
FREC5904Project and Report
FREC5974Independent Study
FREC5994Research and Thesis
FREC7994Research and Dissertation

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