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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

GEOL100Physical Geology
GEOL102Historical Geology
GEOL110Physical Geology Laboratory
GEOL120Environmental Geology
GEOL123Causes and Consequences of Global Change
GEOL204Dinosaurs, Early Humans, Ancestors, and Evolution; The Fossil Record of Vanished Worlds of the Prehistoric Past
GEOL341Structural Geology
GEOL391Biology of Extinct Animals
GEOL392Biology of Extinct Animals Laboratory
GEOL393Geology Senior Thesis I: Proposal
GEOL394Geology Senior Thesis II: Research
GEOL412Geology of the Terrestrial Planets
GEOL437Global Climate Change: Past and Present
GEOL445High Temperature Geochemistry
GEOL447Observational Geophysics
GEOL456Engineering Geology
GEOL488Geology Colloquium; Geology Colloquium
GEOL497Recent Advances: Geology
GEOL497HRecent Advances: Geology
GEOL499Special Problems in Geology
GEOL612Geology and Geophysics of the Terrestrial Planets
GEOL615Planetary Habitability and Surface Chemistry
GEOL647Observational Geophysics
GEOL654Fluvial Geomorphology Seminar
GEOL656Engineering and Environmental Geology
GEOL657Seismic Wave Propagation
GEOL688Geology Colloquium; Geology Colloquium
GEOL789CRecent Advances in Geology; Advanced Data Analysis Workshop
GEOL789MRecent Advances in Geology; Machine Learning in Geoscience
GEOL789VRecent Advances in Geology; Remote Sensing in Geoscience
GEOL798Seminar in Geology
GEOL799Master's Thesis Research
GEOL898Pre-Candidacy Research
GEOL899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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