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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HIST110The Ancient World
HIST111The Medieval World
HIST131The History of the American Dream
HIST142Looking at America through a Global Lens
HIST200Interpreting American History: Beginnings to 1877
HIST201Interpreting American History: From 1865 to the Present
HIST205Environmental History
HIST208NHistorical Research and Methods Seminar; America for Americans: Researching & Writing the History of Nativism, Xenophobia, & Anti-immigration in the US
HIST208OHistorical Research and Methods Seminar; Women and Gender in the Middle East
HIST208PHistorical Research and Methods Seminar; Can a Movie be "Accurate"? American Films as Historial Sources
HIST211Women in America Since 1880
HIST219IReligions of the Ancient Near East
HIST219XModern Iran
HIST222Immigration and Ethnicity in America
HIST233Empire! The British Imperial Experience 1558-1997
HIST235Divorced, Beheaded, Deposed: England and Britain 1485-1689
HIST236From Peacocks to Punks: Modern Britain from 1688 to Today
HIST245Reformers, Radicals, and Revolutionaries: The Middle East in the Twentieth Century
HIST255African-American History, 1865 - Present
HIST285East Asian Civilization II
HIST286Urban Dreams and Nightmares: The Jewish Experience of Cities
HIST289AJews, Christians, and Muslims in Medieval Spain: Tolerance, Oppression, and the Problematic Past
HIST289NThe Politics of Sexuality in America: A Historical Approach
HIST289RPocketbook Politics: A History of American Buying and Selling
HIST289VWhat Does It Mean to be An American?
HIST289YZombies, Fear, and Contagion: A Cultural History of Public Health, Medicine, and Technology
HIST299Directed Research
HIST307The Holocaust of European Jewry
HIST319FSpecial Topics in History; Modern African History through Film, Literature, and Music
HIST319ISpecial Topics in History; The Lion and the Man: Frederick Douglass's Life and Times
HIST319NSpecial Topics in History; The Black Power Movement
HIST319RSpecial Topics in History; Genghis Khan and the Mongols: Destroyers of Worlds and Patrons of Culture
HIST320Early Christianity: Jesus to Constantine
HIST321Biblical History and Culture
HIST327The Roman Empire
HIST328MSelected Topics in History; Red, White, and Black: Peoples and Communities in Early America
HIST329LSpecial Topics in History; Riches and Ruin: A Global History of Capitalism
HIST329OSpecial Topics in History; Ideologies, Parties, and Social Movements in the Modern Middle East
HIST339CSpecial Topics in History; War, Genocide, and Resilience in Africa's Great Lakes Region
HIST339PSpecial Topics in History; Science in Europe, 1700-1950
HIST339QSpecial Topics in History; The Early Silk Road and the World of the Indian Ocean
HIST354Ante-Bellum America 1815-1861
HIST356Emergence of Modern America, 1900-1945
HIST357Recent America: 1945-Present
HIST360Women and the Civil Rights Movement
HIST386Experiential Learning
HIST396Honors Colloquium II
HIST398Honors Thesis I
HIST399Honors Thesis II
HIST401Science and Gender
HIST408DSenior Seminar; Empire and Borderlands in Russia
HIST408FSenior Seminar; Social and Cultural Movements of the 1960s and 1970s
HIST408QSenior Seminar; Heresy and Inquisition in the Middle Ages
HIST408WSenior Seminar; The Rise and Fall of the Slave South
HIST415Ideas and Politics in Europe Since 1900
HIST416History of Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa
HIST418FJews and Judaism: Selected Historical Topics; Jewish Women in Modernity
HIST425Imperial Russia
HIST428BSelected Topics in History; Seven Revolutions in Postwar Africa
HIST429GSpecial Topics in History; The Islamicate World 2.0: Studying Islamic Cultures through Computational Textual Analysis
HIST429ISpecial Topics in History; Medical Borders: Public Health and Race in U.S. History
HIST429MSpecial Topics in History; Constructing the Past in Early Islam
HIST429TSpecial Topics in History; Wealth and Poverty in the Modern Indian City
HIST431Becoming Great Britain, 1603-1704
HIST436Napoleon, the French Revolution, and the World
HIST442Twentieth-Century Russia
HIST455Constitutional History of the United States: Since 1865
HIST473History of the Caribbean
HIST483History of Japan Since 1800
HIST499Independent Study
HIST601History and Contemporary Theory
HIST607The Teaching of History in Institutions of Higher Learning
HIST608BGeneral Seminar; American History
HIST608GGeneral Seminar; Colonial Latin America
HIST608NGeneral Seminar; Global Interaction and Exchange
HIST610Introduction to Museum Scholarship
HIST619ASpecial Topics in History; Independent Study
HIST619BSpecial Topics in History; Independent Study
HIST619GSpecial Topics in History; Workers of Global Capitalism
HIST638KSpecial Topics in History; Readings in 20th Century US Cultural and Intellectual History
HIST639KSpecial Topics in History; Sexualities in the Atlantic World and Beyond (1600-2000)
HIST639MSpecial Topics in History; Constucting the Past in Early Islam
HIST708Directed Independent Reading for Comprehensive Examinations I
HIST709Directed Independent Reading for Comprehensive Examinations II
HIST729AReadings in Modern European History; Ideas and Politics in Europe since 1900
HIST799Master's Thesis Research
HIST810Museum Research Seminar
HIST811Museum Scholarship Practicum
HIST819ASpecial Topics in History: Independent Research
HIST819BSpecial Topics in History: Independent Research
HIST819GSpecial Topics in History: Independent Research; Research Seminar in Early America
HIST898Pre-Candidacy Research
HIST899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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