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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HIST134Spies, Assassins, Martyrs, and Witches: Famous Trials in American History
HIST137Pursuits of Happiness: Ordinary Lives in the American Revolution
HIST200Interpreting American History: Beginnings to 1877
HIST201Interpreting American History: From 1865 to the Present
HIST319WSpecial Topics in History; Hollywood and Politics in the 20th Century
HIST328ESelected Topics in History; The Politics of the Apocalypse: Imagining the World's End in Modern Times
HIST328ISelected Topics in History; Online and in the Streets: Protest and Activism in Latin American Feminist Movements
HIST329KHistory of Rock and Roll, 1950 - 2000
HIST329PSpecial Topics in History; From Body Snatchers to Jack the Ripper: Scandal and Crime in Victorian Britain
HIST330Europe in the Making: The Early Medieval West (A.D. 300-1000)
HIST339VSpecial Topics in History; Unnatural Disasters: Climate Change and Environmental Justice in American History
HIST339WSpecial Topics in History; Star Wars and the History of Western Myths in Modern PopularCulture
HIST357Recent America: 1945-Present
HIST360Women and the Civil Rights Movement
HIST386Experiential Learning
HIST799Master's Thesis Research
HIST899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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