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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

LARC120Digital Fundamentals
LARC151Urban Agriculture: Designing and Assessing Edible Landscapes
LARC160Introduction to Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design
LARC221Digital Design Tools
LARC240Graphic Communication and Design Studio
LARC263History of Landscape Architecture
LARC321Landscape Structures and Materials
LARC341Regional Design Studio
LARC461People and the Environment
LARC471Capstone Studio: Community Design
LARC499Independent Studies in Landscape Architecture
LARC641Graduate Studio II
LARC648Graduate Studio IV
LARC663Landscape and Garden History
LARC671Landscape Architecture Research Methods
LARC689CSpecial Topics in Landscape Architecture; Land Art: Interventions, Mediations, Meditations
LARC699Independent Studies in Landscape and Architecture
LARC720Environmental Analysis and Site Engineering
LARC799Master's Thesis Research

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