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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

LING200Introductory Linguistics
LING240Language and Mind
LING248Introduction to Laboratory Research in Linguistics
LING272Biophysics of Language
LING311Syntax I
LING312Syntax II
LING321Phonology I
LING322Phonology II
LING330Historical Linguistics
LING350Philosophy of Language
LING444Child Language Acquisition
LING448Advanced Laboratory Research in Linguistics
LING449JTopics in Psycholinguistics
LING460Diversity and Unity in Human Languages
LING499Directed Studies in Linguistics
LING499CDirected Studies in Linguistics; Teaching Assistantship
LING499HDirected Studies in Linguistics
LING611Issues in Syntax
LING621Issues in Phonology
LING641Issues in Psycholinguistics
LING661Issues in Semantics
LING689Independent Study
LING689TIndependent Study; Pedagogy for Linguistics
LING698Directed Study; Seminar
LING798Research Papers in Linguistics
LING799Master's Thesis Research
LING819JSeminar in Syntactic Theory; Ellipsis
LING848CSeminar in Computational Linguistics
LING849DSeminar in Psycholinguistics; Implementing Cognitive Computations
LING879JSeminar in Semantics
LING888Doctoral Research Paper
LING889Directed Research
LING896Research Paper in Minor Area
LING898Pre-Candidacy Research
LING899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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