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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MEES484Marine Microbial Ecology
MEES498TTopics in Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences; Marine and Environmental Biotechnology
MEES601Applied Environmental Science
MEES608RSeminar in Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences; Applied Bayesian Statistics
MEES609BProfessional Development in Marine Estuarine Environmental Science; Job Skills 101
MEES618CSeminars in Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences; Next Generation Sequence and Analysis
MEES631Fish Ecology
MEES684Marine Microbial Ecology
MEES698KSpecial Topics in Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences; Introduction to GIS
MEES698TSpecial Topics in Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences; Marine and Environmental Biotechnology
MEES698USpecial Topics in Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences; Fire and Ecosystem
MEES699Special Problems in Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences
MEES708MAdvanced Topics in Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Science; Environmental Statistic II
MEES708TAdvanced Topics in Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Science; Science Visualization
MEES718WStudy Groups on Issues in Marine Estuarine Enviornmental Sciences; Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Environmental Science
MEES799Masters Thesis Research
MEES898Pre-Candidacy Research
MEES899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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