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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHYS106Light, Perception, Photography, and Visual Phenomena
PHYS107Light, Perception, Photography and Visual Phenomena Laboratory
PHYS121Fundamentals of Physics I
PHYS122Fundamentals of Physics II
PHYS131Fundamentals of Physics for Life Sciences I
PHYS132Fundamentals of Physics for Life Sciences II
PHYS161General Physics: Mechanics and Particle Dynamics
PHYS165Introduction to Programming in the Physical Sciences
PHYS171Introductory Physics: Mechanics and Relativity
PHYS172Succeeding in Physics: Applications, Resources and Concepts
PHYS260General Physics: Vibration, Waves, Heat, Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS261General Physics: Vibrations, Waves, Heat, Electricity and Magnetism (Laboratory)
PHYS270General Physics: Electrodynamics, Light, Relativity and Modern Physics
PHYS271General Physics: Electrodynamics, Light, Relativity and Modern Physics (Laboratory)
PHYS272Introductory Physics: Fields
PHYS272HIntroductory Physics: Fields
PHYS273Introductory Physics: Waves
PHYS273HIntroductory Physics: Waves
PHYS274Mathematical Methods for Physics I
PHYS275Experimental Physics I: Mechanics and Heat
PHYS276Experimental Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS298BSpecial Topics in Physics; Science and Society via Film
PHYS299Special Problems in Physics
PHYS332Physics for Life Sciences II
PHYS371Modern Physics
PHYS373Mathematical Methods for Physics II
PHYS375Experimental Physics III: Electromagnetic Waves, Optics and Modern Physics
PHYS386Experiential Learning
PHYS389Undergraduate Thesis Research
PHYS398Independent Studies Seminar
PHYS399Special Problems in Physics
PHYS399ISpecial Problems in Physics; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in STEM Seminar
PHYS401Quantum Physics I
PHYS402Quantum Physics II
PHYS404Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics
PHYS405Advanced Experiments
PHYS407Undergraduate Experimental Research
PHYS410Classical Mechanics
PHYS411Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS420Principles of Modern Physics
PHYS431Introduction to Solid State Physics
PHYS441Topics in Nuclear and Particle Physics
PHYS457Introduction to Quantum Computing
PHYS465Essentials of Contemporary Optics
PHYS474Computational Physics
PHYS499ASpecial Problems in Physics
PHYS499BSpecial Problems in Physics
PHYS499TSpecial Problems in Physics; Accelerator Physics - Building the Maryland 5 MeV Cyclotron
PHYS499VSpecial Problems in Physics; Colloquium for Undergraduate Physics Majors
PHYS499XSpecial Problems in Physics; Making Physics Experiments
PHYS611Mathematical Methods and Their Applications in Classical Mechanics and Electrodynamics II
PHYS613Quantum and Statistical Physics II
PHYS625Non-relativistic Quantum Mechanics
PHYS709Seminar in General Physics; Statistical Physics
PHYS728Seminar in Atomic and Molecular Physics
PHYS738Seminar in Experimental Solid State Physics; Quantum Mechanical Many-Body Problems
PHYS739Seminar in Theoretical Solid State Physics; Quantum Mechanical Many-Body Problems
PHYS747Quantum Chromodynamics
PHYS748Seminar in Experimental Nuclear Physics; Seminar in Nuclear Physics
PHYS749Seminar in Theoretical Nuclear Physics
PHYS752Elementary Particle Physics II: Theory
PHYS758ESeminar in Elementary Particles and Quantum Field Theory; Experimental Results Including Cosmic Ray Physics
PHYS759Seminar in Elementary Particles and Quantum Field Theory
PHYS762Plasma Physics II
PHYS769Seminar in Plasma Physics; Plasma Physics Research
PHYS778Seminar in Space and Cosmic Ray Physics
PHYS781Network Science Research-in-Progress Seminar
PHYS798Special Problems in Advanced Physics
PHYS798BSpecial Problems in Advanced Physics; Physics Colloquium
PHYS798CSpecial Problems in Advanced Physics; Superconductivity: An Introduction to the Phenomenology and Theory of Superconductivity
PHYS798JSpecial Problems in Advanced Physics; Science and Technology Policy
PHYS798LSpecial Problems in Advanced Physics; Biophysics
PHYS798QSpecial Problems in Advanced Physics; Seminar in Quantum Physics, Information, and Technology
PHYS798ZSpecial Problems in Advanced Physics; Computational and Mathematical Analysis for Networks Across Scales
PHYS799Master's Thesis Research
PHYS838CSpecial Topics in Experimental Solid State Physics; Center for Nanophysics and Advanced Materials Seminar
PHYS839ASpecial Topics in Theoretical Solid State Physics
PHYS851Advanced Quantum Field Theory
PHYS889CSpecial Topics in Interdisciplinary Problems; Classical and Quantum Codes
PHYS898Pre-Candidacy Research
PHYS899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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