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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PSYC100Introduction to Psychology
PSYC200Statistical Methods in Psychology
PSYC202Introduction to Neuroscience
PSYC221Social Psychology
PSYC234Living the Good Life: The Psychology of Happiness
PSYC237Psychology of Evil
PSYC300Research Methods in Psychology Laboratory
PSYC302Fundamentals of Learning and Behavior
PSYC334Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships
PSYC344Health Psychology
PSYC346Death, Dying and Grieving: What Future Healthcare Professionals Need to Know
PSYC353Adult Psychopathology
PSYC354Multicultural Psychology in the U.S.
PSYC355Developmental Psychology
PSYC389Experiential Learning
PSYC404Introduction to Behavioral Pharmacology
PSYC433Basic Helping Skills: Research and Practice
PSYC437The Assessment and Treatment of Addictive Behaviors
PSYC478Independent Study in Psychology
PSYC479Special Research Problems in Psychology
PSYC489WAdvanced Special Topics in Psychology; Psychology of Men and Masculinity
PSYC610Historical Viewpoints and Current Theories in Psychology
PSYC629AClinical Laboratory; Foundations of Clinical Assessment and Intervention
PSYC629BClinical Laboratory; Assessment Practicum
PSYC629EClinical Laboratory; Diversity Training Therapy Practicum
PSYC629FClinical Laboratory; Fundamentals of Supervision and Consultation
PSYC632Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Children and Adolescents
PSYC638Externship in Professional Psychology
PSYC639Internship in Professional Psychology
PSYC650Culture and Diversity in Mental Health
PSYC652Analytical Thinking: Statistical Methods at Work
PSYC655Talent Development
PSYC656Business Fundamentals and Legal Issues facing Organizations
PSYC657Managing Strategic Organizational Change
PSYC799Master's Thesis Research
PSYC898Pre-Candidacy Research
PSYC899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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