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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

AOE2024Thin-Walled Structures
AOE2054Electronics for AOE
AOE2074Computational Methods
AOE2104Intro Aerospace Engr & Perform
AOE2204Intro to Ocean Engineering
AOE2974Independent Study
AOE2994Undergraduate Research
AOE3014Fluid Dynamics for AOE
AOE3034System Dynamics and Control
AOE3054Experimental Methods
AOE3114Aerodynamics & Compressibility
AOE3124Aerospace Structures
AOE3214Ocean Wave Mechanics
AOE3224Ocean Structures
AOE3354Avionics Systems
AOE3564Principles of Proj Dsgn & Mgmt
AOE4004State-Space Control
AOE4024Intro Finite Elements
AOE4065Air Vehicle Design
AOE4105Experiments for AE Design
AOE4165Space Vehicle Design
AOE4205Exper for Ocean Vehicle Design
AOE4234Aerospace Propulsion Systems
AOE4264Principles Naval Engineering
AOE4265Ocean Vehicle Design
AOE4274Int Ship Structural Analysis
AOE4365Launch Vehicle Design
AOE4434Intro Comp Fluid Dynamics
AOE4514Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
AOE4624Aero and Hydroacoustics
AOE4654Space Weather
AOE4814Special Topics in Propulsion
AOE4864Special Topics in Space Engr
AOE4974Independent Study
AOE4994Undergraduate Research
AOE5024Vehicle Structures
AOE5034Mechanical & Struct Dynamics
AOE5074Adv Ship Structural Analysis
AOE5104Adv Aero Hydrody
AOE5124Aero and Hydroacoustics
AOE5154Data Analysis in Fluid Dyn
AOE5184High Speed Propulsion
AOE5204Vehicle Dynamics and Control
AOE5304Advanced Naval Architecture
AOE5315Naval Ship Design
AOE5324Principles of Naval Eng w/App
AOE5354Industrial Robotics
AOE5434GAdv Intro Comp Fluid Dynamics
AOE5614Modeling Multifunct Composites
AOE5654Intro to Space Science I
AOE5744Linear Systems Theory
AOE5754Applied Linear Systems
AOE5774Nonlinear Systems Theory
AOE5904Project and Report
AOE5974Independent Study
AOE5994Research and Thesis
AOE7994Research and Dissertation

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