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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CHEM1004First Year Experience in Chem
CHEM1014Calculations in Chemistry
CHEM1015Chemistry in Context
CHEM1025Chemistry in Context Lab
CHEM1034General Chemistry Recitation
CHEM1035General Chemistry
CHEM1036General Chemistry
CHEM1045General Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM1055General Chemistry for Majors
CHEM1055HHonors General Chem for Majors
CHEM1056General Chemistry for Majors
CHEM1056HHonors General Chem for Majors
CHEM1065Gen Chemistry Lab for Majors
CHEM1066Gen Chemistry Lab for Majors
CHEM2514Survey of Organic Chemistry
CHEM2535Organic Chemistry
CHEM2536Organic Chemistry
CHEM2545Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM2556Org Syn-Tech Lab
CHEM2566Principles Org Chem
CHEM2964Field Study
CHEM2974Independent Study
CHEM3004Bridge to the Future
CHEM3615Physical Chemistry
CHEM3625Physical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM3626Physical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM3900Bridge Experience
CHEM4014Survey of Chemical Literature
CHEM4124Instrumental Analysis Lab
CHEM4404Physical Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM4444Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHEM4524Identif Organic Compounds
CHEM4534Organic Chemistry of Polymers
CHEM4584Bioorganic Chemistry
CHEM4615Phys Chem Life Sci
CHEM4964Field Study
CHEM4974Independent Study
CHEM4974HIndependent Study
CHEM4994Undergraduate Research
CHEM4994HUndergraduate Research
CHEM5004Orientation to Grad Research
CHEM5094Grant Writing and Ethics
CHEM5124Analytical Spectroscopy
CHEM5404Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM5505Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM5524Molecular Structure Detn
CHEM5525X-ray Crystallography
CHEM5535Synthetic Organic Chemistry
CHEM5705Macromolecular Chemistry
CHEM5904Project and Report
CHEM5914Lit Review and Research Plan
CHEM5944Graduate Seminar
CHEM5974Independent Study
CHEM5994Research and Thesis
CHEM6464Current Top Inorg Che
CHEM6624Chemical Thermodynamics
CHEM6634Quant Chem & Spectry
CHEM6664Current Top Phys Chem
CHEM6904Generating Research Ideas
CHEM6914Original Research Proposal
CHEM7994Research and Dissertation

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