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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FIW2114Prin Fish and Wildl
FIW2234Fish, Fishing, & Conservation
FIW2324Wildlife Field Biology
FIW2964Field Study; Fall 2023
FIW2974Independent Study
FIW2994Undergraduate Research
FIW3514Fisheries Techniques
FIW3954Study Abroad
FIW3964Field Study/Practicum
FIW3964FS/Practicum Fall 2023
FIW3964FS/Practicum; Fall 2023
FIW4414Pop Dynamics & Estimation
FIW4464Human Dimensions F&W
FIW4534Ecol & Mgmt of Wetland Systems
FIW4964Field Study; Fall 2023
FIW4974Independent Study
FIW4994Undergraduate Research
FIW5314Vertebrate Pop Ecology & Mgnt
FIW5464GAdv Human Dimensions of FIW
FIW5534GAdv Wetland Ecology & Mgmt
FIW5894Final Examination
FIW5974Independent Study
FIW5994Research and Thesis
FIW6004Topics: Fisheries & Wildlife
FIW7994Research and Dissertation

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