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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

GVPT105SIntroduction to Political Ethics
GVPT170American Government
GVPT200International Political Relations
GVPT201Scope and Methods for Political Science Research
GVPT210Religions, Beliefs, and World Affairs
GVPT241The Study of Political Philosophy: Ancient and Modern
GVPT273Introduction to Environmental Politics
GVPT282Politics and the Developing World
GVPT289DHow to Make Better Decisions
GVPT306Global Environmental Politics
GVPT317Mock Trial II: Advanced Trial Advocacy
GVPT319JTopics in Social Advocacy; Making the World a Better Place: Global Development and Justice
GVPT320Advanced Empirical Research
GVPT331Courts, Law and Justice
GVPT355Capstone in International Conflict Management
GVPT356Capstone in International Development
GVPT368ASpecial Topics in Government and Politics; U.S. Foreign Policy and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
GVPT368CSpecial Topics in Government and Politics; Asian American Politics
GVPT368FSpecial Topics in Government and Politics; Tzahal: The Israeli Military in State, Society, and its Middle Eastern Context
GVPT368NSpecial Topics in Government and Politics; American Jewry and Public Policy
GVPT368PSpecial Topics in Government and Politics; Political Psychology, Israel, and the Middle East
GVPT373Geographic Information Systems for Redistricting
GVPT377Experiential Learning: Government and Politics Internship Program
GVPT388Topical Investigations
GVPT388MTopical Investigations; Mock Trial Independent Study
GVPT390Game Theory
GVPT396Introduction to Honors Research
GVPT397Honors Research
GVPT404Political Economy of Foreign Aid
GVPT406International Organizations
GVPT409GSeminar in International Relations and World Politics; Corporations and the Global Political Economy
GVPT409HSeminar in International Relations and World Politics; International Relations of the Middle East
GVPT409MSeminar in International Relations and World Politics; China's Rise and the Future of US-China Relations
GVPT414International Relations of East Asia
GVPT417Seminar in Advanced Topics in Environmental Policy Analysis
GVPT423Elections and Electoral Behavior
GVPT432Civil Rights and the Constitution
GVPT439ASeminar in Public Law; Comparative Constitutional Law
GVPT439ISeminar in Public Law; American Economic Inequality and the Law
GVPT445HMarxism and Postmarxism
GVPT449ESeminar in Political Philosophy; Social Philosophy and Political Economy
GVPT449FSeminar in Political Philosophy; Political Theory & Film: How to Think About Concepts ThroughImages
GVPT449GSeminar in Political Philosophy; Global Justice
GVPT449PSeminar in Political Philosophy; The Psychotic Edge of Political Life
GVPT456The Politics of Terrorism
GVPT457American Foreign Relations
GVPT459RSeminar in Comparative Politics; The Rise and Fall of Communism
GVPT461Local Politics and Government
GVPT473The U.S. Congress
GVPT475The Presidency and the Executive Branch
GVPT479CSeminar in American Politics; Civic Engagement in Action
GVPT479DSeminar in American Politics; Minority Politics
GVPT479HSeminar in American Politics; Power, Representation and Public Policy
GVPT479WSeminar in American Politics; Women of Color in Politics
GVPT484Government and Politics of Africa
GVPT605Introduction to Conflict and Cooperation in the World Economy
GVPT606Introduction to International Institutions and International Law
GVPT621Coding in Statistical Software
GVPT624National Security and International Relations
GVPT722Advanced Quantitative Methods For Political Science
GVPT729MSpecial Topics in Quantitative Political Analysis; Multilevel Analysis
GVPT729QSpecial Topics in Quantitative Political Analysis; Quantitative Analyses of International Political Economy and International Security
GVPT761International Political Economy
GVPT771Seminar in American Political Behavior
GVPT799Master's Thesis Research
GVPT808BSelected Topics in Functional Problems in International Relations; Conflict and World Politics
GVPT808CSelected Topics in Functional Problems in International Relations; Prospectus Seminar
GVPT808ISelected Topics in Functional Problems in International Relations; The Impact of International Economics and Security on Developing Countries
GVPT849Readings in Government and Politics
GVPT873Seminar in Legislatures and Legislation
GVPT879PTopics on International Security; The Political Economy of International Power and Security Policy
GVPT888ISelected Topics in Comparative Governmental Institutions; The Politics of Identity
GVPT898Pre-Candidacy Research
GVPT899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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