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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHYS1056Introduction to Astronomy
PHYS1156Astronomy Laboratory
PHYS2205General Physics
PHYS2206General Physics
PHYS2215General Physics Laboratory
PHYS2216General Physics Laboratory
PHYS2305Foundations of Physics
PHYS2306Foundations of Physics
PHYS2326Seminar for Physics Majors
PHYS2404Physics Outreach
PHYS2504Math Methods in Physics
PHYS2964Field Study
PHYS2974Independent Study
PHYS2974HIndependent Study
PHYS2994Undergraduate Research
PHYS2994HUndergraduate Research
PHYS3154Observational Astrophysics
PHYS3254Enriched Physics Outreach
PHYS3314Intermediate Laboratory
PHYS3356Intermediate Mechanics
PHYS3406Intermed Elec & Mag
PHYS3656Introduction to Astrophysics
PHYS3684Quantum Software I
PHYS3704Thermal Physics
PHYS4254Quantum Info Tech
PHYS4316Modern Experimental Physics
PHYS4455Intro Quantum Mech
PHYS4524Intro Particle Physics
PHYS4564Polymer Physics
PHYS4654Modern Cosmology
PHYS4674Intro to General Relativity
PHYS4684Quantum Software II
PHYS4714Introduction to Biophysics
PHYS4774Intro to Physics of Galaxies
PHYS4964Field Study
PHYS4974Independent Study
PHYS4974HIndependent Study
PHYS4994Undergraduate Research
PHYS4994HUndergraduate Research
PHYS5254GAdvanced Quantum Info Tech
PHYS5406Classical Electromagnetism
PHYS5455Quantum Mechanics
PHYS5464Intro to Quantum Field Theory
PHYS5524GAdv Intro Particle Physics
PHYS5556Solid-State Physics
PHYS5564GAdvanced Polymer Physics
PHYS5574GIntermediate Nanotechnology
PHYS5654GAdvanced Modern Cosmology
PHYS5674GIntermediate Genl Relativity
PHYS5705Statistical Mechanics
PHYS5974Independent Study
PHYS5994Research and Thesis
PHYS7994Research and Dissertation

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