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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

STAT1004Experience Learning from Data
STAT1014Data in Our Lives
STAT2004Introductory Statistics
STAT2964Field Study
STAT3005Statistical Methods
STAT3006Statistical Methods
STAT3094SAS Programming
STAT3104Probability and Distributions
STAT3504Nonparametric Statistics
STAT3604Statistics for Social Science
STAT3615Biological Statistics
STAT3616Biological Statistics
STAT3654Intro Data Analytics & Visual
STAT3704Stat for Eng Apps
STAT4024Communication in Stat Collab
STAT4105Theoretical Statistics
STAT4204Experimental Designs
STAT4214Methods of Regression Analysis
STAT4364Intro to Statistical Genomics
STAT4534Applied Time Series
STAT4584Advanced Calculus for STAT
STAT4604Stat Methods for Engr
STAT4654Intermed Data Analytics & Ml
STAT4705Statistics for Engr
STAT4706Statistics for Engr
STAT4714Prob & Stat for EE
STAT4964Field Study
STAT4974Independent Study
STAT4994Undergraduate Research
STAT5014Stat Progr Packages
STAT5034Inference Fundamentals
STAT5044Regression and ANOVA
STAT5054Intro to Statistical Computing
STAT5104Prob Distrib Theory
STAT5105GTheoretical Statistics
STAT5134Policy Tools in STEM-H Domains
STAT5154Stat Computing Data Analytics
STAT5204GExp Design: Concepts & Appl
STAT5214GAdv Method Regression
STAT5364GAdvanced Statistical Genomics
STAT5444Bayesian Statistics
STAT5474Stat Quality Control
STAT5504Multivariate Methods
STAT5514Regression Analysis
STAT5525Data Analytics
STAT5615Statistics in Research
STAT5664Applied Time Series
STAT5754Internship in Statistics
STAT5894Final Examination
STAT5904Project and Report
STAT5924Graduate Seminar
STAT5974Independent Study
STAT5994Research and Thesis
STAT6114Advanced Inference
STAT6554Advanced Statistical Computing
STAT6634Adv Stat for Educ
STAT7994Research and Dissertation

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