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Virginia Tech  F22 Department List

AAD Architecture, Arts, and Design
AAEC Agricultural and Applied Economics
ACIS Accounting and Information Systems
ADV Advertising
AFST Africana Studies
AHRM Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management
AINS American Indian Studies
ALCE Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education
ALS Agriculture and Life Sciences
AOE Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
APS Appalachian Studies
APSC Animal and Poultry Sciences
ARBC Arabic
ARCH Architecture
ART Art and Art History
AS Military Aerospace Studies
ASPT Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought
AT Agricultural Technology
BC Building Construction
BCHM Biochemistry
BDS Behavioral Decision Science
BIOL Biological Sciences
BIT Business Information Technology
BMES Biomedical Engineering and Sciences
BMSP Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology
BMVS Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences
BSE Biological Systems Engineering
CEE Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEM Construction Engineering and Management
CHE Chemical Engineering
CHEM Chemistry
CHN Chinese
CINE Cinema
CLA Classical Studies
CMDA Computational Modeling and Data Analytics
CMST Communication Studies
CNST Construction
COMM Communication
CONS Consumer Studies
COS College of Science
CRIM Criminology
CS Computer Science
CSES Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences
DANC Dance
DASC Dairy Science
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECON Economics
EDCI Education, Curriculum and Instruction
EDCO Counselor Education
EDCT Career and Technical Education
EDEL Educational Leadership
EDEP Educational Psychology
EDHE Higher Education
EDIT Instructional Design and Technology
EDP Environmental Design and Planning
EDRE Education, Research and Evaluation
ENGE Engineering Education
ENGL English
ENGR Engineering
ENSC Environmental Science
ENT Entomology
ES Environmental Security
ESM Engineering Science and Mechanics
FA Fine Arts
FCS Family and Consumer Science
FIN Finance
FIW Fish and Wildlife Conservation
FL Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
FMD Fashion Merchandising and Design
FR French
FREC Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
FST Food Science and Technology
GBCB Genetics, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology
GEOG Geography
GEOS Geosciences
GER German
GIA Government and International Affairs
GR Greek
GRAD Graduate School
HD Human Development
HEB Hebrew
HIST History
HNFE Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise
HORT Horticulture
HTM Hospitality and Tourism Management
HUM Humanities
IDS Industrial Design
IS International Studies
ISC Integrated Science
ISE Industrial and Systems Engineering
ITAL Italian
ITDS Interior Design
JMC Journalism and Mass Communication
JPN Japanese
JUD Judaic Studies
LAHS Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
LAR Landscape Architecture
LAT Latin
LDRS Leadership Studies
MACR Macromolecular Science and Engineering
MATH Mathematics
ME Mechanical Engineering
MED Medicine
MGT Management
MINE Mining Engineering
MKTG Marketing
MN Military Navy
MS Military Science (AROTC)
MSE Materials Science and Engineering
MTRG Meteorology
MUS Music
NANO Nanoscience
NEUR Neuroscience
NR Natural Resources
NSEG Nuclear Science and Engineering
PAPA Public Administration/Public Affairs
PHIL Philosophy
PHS Population Health Sciences
PHYS Physics
PM Property Management
PORT Portuguese
PPE Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
PPWS Plant Pathology, Physiology and Weed Science
PR Public Relations
PSCI Political Science
PSVP Peace Studies
PSYC Psychology
REAL Real Estate
RED Residential Environments and Design
RLCL Religion and Culture
RTM Research in Translational Medicine
RUS Russian
SBIO Sustainable Biomaterials
SOC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SPES School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
SPIA School of Public and International Affairs
STAT Statistics
STL Science, Technology, & Law
STS Science and Technology Studies
SYSB Systems Biology
TA Theatre Arts
TBMH Translational Biology, Medicine and Health
UAP Urban Affairs and Planning
UH University Honors
UNIV University Course Series
VM Veterinary Medicine
WATR Water
WGS Women's and Gender Studies

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