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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

BIOL1004Biology Orientation Seminar
BIOL1014Introduction to Biology
BIOL1034Biology of Sex
BIOL1064Plants and Civilization
BIOL1105Principles of Biology
BIOL1115Principles of Biol Lab
BIOL1135Phage Hunters
BIOL1214Careers in Medicine
BIOL2134Cell Function Differentiation
BIOL2304Plant Biology
BIOL2504General Zoology
BIOL2604General Microbiology
BIOL2614General Microbiology Lab
BIOL2704Evolutionary Biology
BIOL2964Field Study
BIOL2974Independent Study
BIOL2974HIndependent Study
BIOL2994Undergraduate Research
BIOL2994HUndergraduate Research
BIOL3014Insect Biology
BIOL3024Insect Biology Laboratory
BIOL3104Cell Molecular Biol Laboratory
BIOL3134Human Genetics
BIOL3404Introductory Animal Physiology
BIOL3454Introductory Parasitology
BIOL3764Careers in Microbiology
BIOL3774Molecular Biology
BIOL3804Principles Biol Teaching Asst
BIOL3814Careers In Biological Sciences
BIOL4004Freshwater Ecology
BIOL4014Environmental Toxicology
BIOL4104Developmental Biology
BIOL4454Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL4624Microbial Genetics
BIOL4674Pathogenic Bacteriology
BIOL4724Pathogenic Bacteriology Lab
BIOL4734Inflammation Biology
BIOL4864Clinical Biology
BIOL4874Cancer Biology
BIOL4884Cell Biology
BIOL4964Field Study
BIOL4974Independent Study
BIOL4974HIndependent Study
BIOL4994Undergraduate Research
BIOL4994HUndergraduate Research
BIOL5005Biol Graduate Program Training
BIOL5174Graduate Seminar
BIOL5514Qnt Analysis High-Dim Eco Data
BIOL5564Adv Infectious Disease Ecology
BIOL5664Advanced Virology
BIOL5674Adv Pathogenic Bacteriology
BIOL5734Advanced Inflammation Biology
BIOL5814Scientific Skills Mol Cell Bio
BIOL5884Molecular Biology of the Cell
BIOL5974Independent Study
BIOL5994Research and Thesis
BIOL7994Research and Dissertation

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